Somersworth Can’t Wait Platform

My track record of community advocacy and deep relationships with statewide stakeholders would bring fresh energy and a collaborative leadership to the highest level of our city government.

I believe our city deserves leadership that listens to the community and treats everyone with respect, and that is how I would lead as Mayor.

I have brought dedication and authenticity to my role as City Councilor At-Large and I can’t wait to transform our mayor’s office by meeting this post-COVID moment of possibility with action-oriented vision.

My Top Priorities

Somersworth can’t wait to:

Improve our city’s accessibility

  • Perform a city-wide accessibility audit, covering physical accessibility, digital accessibility and more.
  • Update our City website to make information easier to find and implement best practices for folks who access the website who use screen readers and/or translation services.
  • Craft and implement a social media policy for the City platforms, including ethical and accessibility best practices, and social media policy with guidelines for elected officials’ official social media accounts.
  • Craft a plan for how we can truly become a “walkable” city, starting with our downtown.
  • Explore how we can increase our collaboration with and investment with our public transporation partners at COAST.

Restructure our boards and commissions for maximum engagement, vision, and efficiency

  • Take a comprehensive look at our 30+ city-wide boards and commissions, and address major gaps — notably, that no board or commission currently addresses inclusive housing policy, downtown revitalization, or the arts.
  • Ensure that boards, committees and commissions have clear, actionable directives and meet with appropriate frequency to move larger strategic priorities forward.
  • Highlight open board and commission spots on our website and provide an easy application process for interested folks to see where they can engage with our City and contribute their passion and expertise to further our collective vision.

Make it easier to do business in Somersworth

  • Promote a “how can we make it easier for you to do business in Somersworth?” approach for all current and prospective businesses
  • Streamline application processes so that business owners are clearly and timely communicated with and given the full scope of needs from the City to determine their goals
  • Undertake a strategic assessment and improvement process of City Planning, Economic Development and Code Departments, informed by input from diverse stakeholders (current, past and prospective businesses, regional contractors and service providers, residents, developers, etc.)

Celebrate and cultivate our city’s hidden gems

  • Raise a flag on the artists and creative people and organizations in Somersworth by showcasing them at City Council meetings, on our website and social media.
  • Commit to a comprehensive river access plan, in conjunction with developers and property owners on and adjacent to current city river access points.
  • Spearhead ongoing and regular trash pickup programs at local spots including Willand Pond, Riverwalk, Malley Farm, etc., including increased trash bins and regular city pickups.


What Can’t YOU wait for?