Sheriff Brave: Crystal Paradis is best choice for Somersworth mayor
Portsmouth Herald
Oct. 16 — To the Editor:

If elected, Crystal Paradis would be the first woman to lead Somersworth — but as someone who also won an election as an historic “first,” I know our value isn’t limited to our identity, but in how our experience has shaped us into the leaders we are today. It’s because of her experience and proven leadership that I’m backing Crystal Paradis for Mayor of Somersworth

When I first ran for Strafford County Sheriff, few in the political arena gave me any attention. Though I had been serving my community for years, running for office was an isolating experience. Until I came to Somersworth and met Crystal Paradis. Crystal made a concerted effort to get to know me, and asked how I would step up to lead. She did her homework. Ultimately, she believed in me and backed up that belief with real action. She connected me with her neighbors, facilitated city-wide conversations, and shared with me her side of Somersworth, so when I ultimately became Sheriff, I was better equipped to lead the community.

Somersworth needs a leader like this — one who sees the potential of our community with a regional perspective, has the vision and work ethic to propel it forward, and isn’t afraid to pass the mic when someone else has a great idea. Why would we wait when we have a dynamic leader like Crystal ready to serve now? Somersworth is ready to write its next 10-year Master Plan, and this is the perfect time for a new leader with fresh energy and a proven track record of delivering for her community.

Somersworth is ready to elect its next champion. Someone who believes in the possibility of its future, and has the track record within the community of building coalitions, uplifting innovative ideas, putting in the work, and leading with integrity. Somersworth is at a critical juncture, and its future is not inevitable. It will depend on its next leader to determine how the community is listened to, supported and led into its next phase.

I believe Somersworth’s best move is electing Crystal Paradis as its next Mayor.